Strategic Plans & Incentive Policy

Loveland is changing. With its reputation for a skilled workforce and its location in the heart of Northern Colorado, the City is ideally suited for economic growth and investment.

ED Strategic Plan

The 2023-2027 Economic Development Strategic Plan aims to  guide and support the growth and maintain a healthy local economy consistent with the city’s Mission and Vision.

ED Incentive Policy

To assist existing and new businesses grow, the Loveland City Council created the Economic Incentive Policy. With an ample economic base, the Incentive Fund seeks to expand employment and business opportunities to sustain the economic health of the region.

Visit Loveland Strategic Plan

Uniquely situated in Northern Colorado, Loveland is well known by its art community and its diverse leisure activities. From visual and performing arts to great outdoor activities, Loveland is becoming a world-class tourist destination. The Visit Loveland Strategic Plan seeks to strengthen the city’s share of the Colorado travel market by promoting the unique assets Loveland possesses.

Talent 2.0

Talent 2.0 seeks a dynamic labor market with a strong talent pipeline that supports employers’ current and future needs and provides residents with good career options and opportunities to improve their skills.

402 Corridor Plan

Anticipating future development, Loveland City Council has set as a high priority the preparation of a corridor plan for Highway 402. Larimer County, Johnstown, and the City of Loveland are working together to develop the most efficient development plan that will benefit all of Northern Colorado.

US 287 Strategic Plan

As the main north-south route through Loveland and one of the main corridors into Downtown, the US 287 Corridor will serve as an essential future growth area and has excellent potential for redevelopment and becoming an enhanced gateway for Loveland.

Downtown Redevelopment

The Downtown Strategic Plan focuses on creating a strong market for investment in Downtown. A vibrant Downtown will have the secondary benefit of improving the environment for arts and culture. The City is actively working to identify development projects both large and small that can guide the actions over the next 5 to 10 years.

Loveland’s Comprehensive Plan

This master comprehensive plan is the guiding policy document for the future of Loveland. Created through extensive public outreach, the plan includes the community’s vision, cutting edge land use plan, and a focus on fiscal resilience and economic development.