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Loveland, CO is a unique place where creative and scientific minds meet to achieve true innovation. Located close to the university communities of Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins along the Colorado Front Range, Loveland benefits from an exceptional talent pool and high quality of life alongside the Rocky Mountains.

Fostering an innovative culture, Loveland seeks to assist new entrepreneurs and existing businesses create and improve business practices. City of Loveland partners with local resources and government agencies to provide its customers an array of resources aimed to continue excellence. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Loveland holds 1,258 patents, attributed to 1,053 inventors. Information about types of patents and inventors for Loveland can be found here.



Loveland and the region of Northern Colorado are home to a diverse and talented workforce. A top priority of the region is to maintain a strong and diverse workforce, which is an essential part of a healthy economy. A group of public, private and educational partners have joined forces to work collaboratively and invest resources to 1) increase access to talent 2) improve alignment of education and workforce resources and 3) remove structural barriers such as housing affordability and regional mobility. For more information, view the Workforce 2.0 Regional Workforce Strategy.

Located near some of Colorado’s best public and private universities including Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Northern Colorado and the Colorado School of Mines, Loveland is home to a talented workforce spread across a variety of industries. Two community colleges, AIMS and Front Range, provide flexible degree and certifications options.

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