Pulse Update – Huts, Contractors and More!

The first Pulse telecommunications equipment hut was installed at the Loveland Water and Power Service Center. This is the first of five huts that will be installed around the city for the Pulse 100% fiber-optic network. Team members who have worked tirelessly to bring the incredible project to life were thrilled to see this epic milestone achieved.

What is a hut? A hut is a small utility building without windows. You have likely seen similar buildings around Loveland for other utilities, including power. The climate-controlled spaces will house racks and cabling for the network equipment, battery banks and battery management systems, and all electrical wiring and associated equipment. The huts connect our city’s core fiber network to telecommunications hubs across the United States through fiber infrastructure called “the long haul.” From there, fiber-optic cable from each hut will feed into the greater distribution system bringing service to every home and business in Loveland. Put simply, this is how we are connecting our local fiber-optic network with a vast network across the world.

What’s next?

You will likely hear from us next after the Nov. 5 city council meeting. Pulse will be recommending a construction contractor and premise contractor for council approval. Stay tuned for more.